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By P. Ehrenfreund (Editor), W.M. Irvine (Editor), T. Owen (Editor), Luann Becker (Editor), Jen Blank (E

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ISBN-13: 9781402023057

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Note too that an important characteristic of the chemical composition of dark clouds is the predominance of highly unsaturated carbon-chain molecules, the largest of which is HC11 N. In part, this is the selection eVect mentioned previously, in that linear molecules have smaller partition functions than branched chain or ring molecules, so that the intensity per transition is larger. Even so, the non-detection of species such as ethanol, ethyl cyanide, acetone, and dimethyl ether is signiWcant.

1985 in The Milky Way Galaxy, ed. D. Reidel, (Kluwer, Dordrecht), p. M. 1987, in Interstellar Processes, eds. J. Hollenbach & H. Thronson (Kluwer, Dordrecht), p. , Venkatesan, A. L. 1980, ApJ, 239, L17 Songaila, A. , 1996, AJ 112, 335 Songaila, A. , 2001, in The Extragalactic Infrared Background and its Cosmological Implications, M. G. , Proceedings of an IAU Symposium held at Manchester, August 15–18, 2000, Astronomical Society of the PaciWc. Spaans, M. , Abel, T. , Lepp, S. , 1998, MmSAI, 69, 345 Umeda, H.

Astrobiology: Future Perspectives, 17–31. ß 2004 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Printed in the Netherlands. 1. Observed interstellar and circumstellar molecules: August 2003. 9 HCOOCH3 CH3 C3 N CH3 COOH H 2 C6 CH2 OHCHO HC7 N CH3 OCH3 CH3 CH2 OH CH3 CH2 CN CH3 C4 H CH3 C5 N CH3 COCH3 HC9 N HC11 N OHCH2 CH2 OH NH2 CH2 COOH C7 H C8 H Interstellar inorganic molecules (22) Interstellar organic molecules (79) þ CH CH CN CO CS C2 COþ HCN HNC HCO OCS HCOþ HOCþ HCSþ C2 H C2 O C2 S CH2 CO2 C3 H2 CO H2 CS HNCO HNCS c-C3 H l-C3 H C3 N C3 O C3 S H2 CN CH3 C2 H 2 HOCOþ HCNHþ HC3 N C4 H CH2 NH CH2 CO NH2 CN HOCHO c-C3 H2 CH2 CN H2 CCC HCCNC HNCCC CH4 H2 COHþ CP SiC SiN NaCl AlCl KCl AlF SH SiCN c-SiC2 NaCN MgCN MgNC AlNC HCCN c-SiC3 C5 SiH4 SiC4 CH3 OH CH3 CN CH3 NC CH3 SH NH2 CHO HC2 CHO C5 H H2 CCCC HC3 NHþ HC5 N CH3 CCH CH3 NH2 CH3 CHO CH2 CHCN C6 H c-C2 H4 O CH2 CHOH Circumstellar molecules (23) C2 H4 C5 N been probably detected after many years of searches (Kuan et al.

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