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If you have too much weight on your heels, the target line will be over your heels, resulting in an arched back. If you are too hunched over, the target line will be over your toes. 3 Correct stance, which forms a solid foundation for the shot, including angular motion and the ability to shoot with back tension. 3/448302/KH/R2 Recurve Shooting: Setting Up | 49 Your flexibility determines how much of an open stance you can comfortably use. If you try to use a stance that is too open, you might have difficulty setting the barrel of the gun.

As you progress and get stronger, you can increase poundage. If you have to draw the bow over your head, you should decrease poundage. A good test is to draw the bow and aim at a spot about 20 meters away. See whether you can hold the dot or pin on the spot for 15 seconds. If you can, you have a good draw weight for you. If you start to shake after a few seconds, decrease poundage. Another good way to check whether the poundage is good for you is to sit in a chair and draw back the bow. You should be able to draw in a smooth and controlled manner, keeping the bow drawn fairly level to the ground.

You can also increase the poundage or go down one arrow size. If the tear is to the left, move your rest to the right. You can also decrease the bow poundage or go up one arrow size. 10 Good arrow hole through paper. 11 (a) Move the arrow rest down if the tear is high, and (b) move the arrow rest up if the tear is low. 12 A tear to the right means that the center shot is off. Tiller Tuning Tiller tuning means experimenting with tiller position, using a consistent method of adjusting the position, that helps you to achieve consistent groups.

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