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By M. Demerec (Ed.)

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F. Phillips, J . S . C o b b , a n d R. W . G e o r g e Mechanosensory hair organ from the claw of Homarus americanus. (From Solon, interna l receptor s that monito r positio n and movement . The externa l receptor s are small pegs set in depression s at the joints of the pereiopods . These cuticula r articulate d peg (CAP) organ s are found in fan-shape d arrays locate d so that movemen t of the articulatin g membran e depresse s or deflect s the peg, causing the associate d nerve cells to fire.

Dall suggest s that osmoti c adjustmen t to any externa l salinity change s is made by a direct exchang e of major electrolyte s acros s the gills. This is sufficientl y rapid to preven t lethal swelling or dehydra ­ tion within the salinity range of 25-45%o. In a hyposalin e medium there is a slight initial increas e in blood volume , followed by an increas e in total volume that is small enoug h to be tolerated . Exces s salts are then passe d out via the gills until equilibriu m has been reached .

It is flanked by the uropods , broad flattene d appendage s modified from the pleopod s of the last abdomina l segment . The powerfu l musculatur e of the abdome n and the bladelike aspec t of the tail fan are adaptation s for the backwar d swimmin g escap e respons e commo n to all lobsters . Crustacea n appendages consis t of inner and outer branche s (endopodit e and 18 Β . F. Phillips, J . S . C o b b , and R. W . G e o r g e MACRURA NATANTIA REPTANTIA PALINURA ANOMURA 100- Cret. 33 171 7 25 6Λ 1 6 ?

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