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Chapter 12 Radiation chemistry of acids, esters, anhydrides, lactones and lactams (pages 755–780): O. I. Micic and O. S. Gal
Chapter thirteen The electrochemistry of carboxylic acids and derivatives: Cathodic rate reductions (pages 781–824): James P. Coleman
Chapter 14 Decarbonylation reactions of acid halides and aldehydes through chlorotris?(triphenylphosphine)rhodium(i) (pages 825–857): M. C. Baird
Chapter 15 Pyrolysis of acids and their derivatives (pages 859–914): R. Taylor
Chapter sixteen Transcarboxylation reactions of salts of fragrant carboxylic acids (pages 915–944): Josef Ratusky
Chapter 17 Micellar results upon deacylation (pages 945–1020): C. A. Bunton and L. S. Romsted
Chapter 18 The chemistry of thio acid derivatives (pages 1021–1062): J. Voss
Chapter 19 The synthesis of lactones and lactams (pages 1063–1330): James F. Wolfe and Michael A. Ogliaruso

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