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The guts for Theoretical stories of the college of Miami has been the host of annual wintry weather meetings whose content material has extended from the actual subject of symmetry ideas in excessive strength physics to surround the bases and relationships of many branches of be aware of­ ledge. The scope of the 10th Coral Gables convention on basic Interactions incorporated astrophysics, atomic and molecular physics, primary theories of gravi­ tation, of electromagnetism, and of hadrons, gauge theories of susceptible and electromagnetic interactions, excessive power physics, liquid helium physics, and theoretical biology.

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37. -When a weight is supported by a uniform cord, every part of the cord is stretched, and if the weight of the cord itself is so small that it may be neglected, the stretch of every inch of it is the same whether it is near the upper or lower end and whatever may be the total length. The section. AB (Fig. 9) is pulled up by the cord above A and is pulled down by the cord below B and is, therefore, stretched until the contractile force of its own elasticity balances the external stretching force.

All parts of a body have weight and so the weights of the several parts into which a body may be conceived to be divided constitute a system of parallel forces acting downward toward the earth. The resultant of this system of forces is a single force equal to their sum and is the total weight of the body. I' STATICS tertain point in ~he body through which the resultant force due to weight alway~ acts whatever may be the position of the oody. This point is called the center of gravity of the body.

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